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My Name is

not Alexander

A New York Times Bestseller!

Just How Big Can a Little Boy Dream? Who is your hero?

Alexander takes a rip-roaring historical adventure! Through his imaginative journey, Alexander discovers how great men become heroes: the roughest rider can be surprisingly gentle, a strong leader is also the most peaceful, and sometimes, being brave about what makes you different will not only help you break records, but inspire others.


Join Alexander as he learns how these remarkable men changed the world and encouraged him to find the hero within himself.


"Clever text and exuberant illustrations makes this book a perfect way to introduce kids to historical figures."

Deborah Underwood, New York Times bestselling author of The Quiet Book

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"A little boy has a playful identity crisis in My Name Is Not Alexander by Bay Area author Jennifer Fosberry and illustrated by Mike Litwin"

- San Francisco Chronicle

"My Name Is Not Alexander is at once a sweet, gentle history lesson and a delightful bedtime read. Alexander's imagination and amusing illustrations make this an entertaining and informative choice."

 - New York Journal of Books

"Just like her previous book, My Name is Not Isabella, this book is an amazing book that encourages a child to dream and be more than they can be."

 - Dad of Divas

"Going through so many important characters in history this little guy's imagination keeps him going places and going strong."

- Creative Madness

"Join Alexander as he takes a wild ride through a historical journey, discovering scientists, rough riders and heroes, all in a day's imaginings."

- Charlotte Parent

"One thing that I really like about these two books (Isabella and Alexander) is that the writing level appeals to young children, but the information at the back of the book educates them at a fairly high level."

- Infant Bibliophile

"This book empowers children to realize their true capabilities, while still letting their own personality radiate. "

- One Momma Saving Money

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