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Girl in Charge

Taking inspiration from the women who trail blazed their way onto the political map of America, Isabella celebrates the women who were first to hold their offices. And if Isabella can get her parents out the door, she might just witness the first woman voted into the highest position of all...

Just how high can a little girl dream?

A big event has Isabella ready to go at the crack of dawn. But that's a motion her parents are not likely to pass. After a two-to-one vote, it's decided that some things need to happen first-like eating breakfast and brushing her teeth!

If her family is going to work like a democracy, Isabella knows what she has to do; call an assembly and campaign her way out the door.

"With a spunky female heroine as the star, it's no wonder Fosberry's "Isabella" series is so popular...a boisterous girl-power book for the ages."

- Lee Littlewood, Creators Syndicate

"There's lots of fun wordplay ("Let's vote on breakfast." "Capital idea!") and cheerful artwork throughout this delightful, empowering picture book, ending with a time line and bios for each of these amazing women."

- Good Reads with Ronna

"The heroine of My Name Is Not Isabella highlights pioneering women in American politics... Biographical background about each politico and a timeline of other female firsts round out a light introduction to women's role in U.S. political history. "

- Publishers Weekly

"I think this book is a fantastic way to introduce kids, boys and girls alike, to some women who have shaped US history through their role in politics. I like the extended biographies at the end of the book, since many of these women were new names to me as well."

- Growing My Kids Reviews

"Fossberry's spunky spokeswoman for women knows her stuff, and she gives Isabella's mother some clever puns on the accomplishments of these historic women."

- Books For Kids

"If you're looking for a gift to inspire the future female leader in your life, consider... Isabella: Girl in Charge...The illustrations fit the story well, and the book itself provides a great way to incorporate mini-history lessons and to encourage girls to dream big. "

- Motherhood Moment


Now available in paperback!


Remember the ladies, Girls Get Out the Vote!

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